and a fish

I’d been thinking about this doll while I was making the men. It needed to be made as soon as I got them done.

Doesn’t every chair or sofa need a fish?

Some fishy love-

We had a fun dinner conversation the other night about whether I should take the information from this dating site article and use it for my photos on Etsy.

One week until the next meet-up– Everyone is welcome!

21 thoughts on “and a fish

  1. I love the fish! When you said that you were working on a fish, I was so excited and am delighted by the outcome! I really like the details on the fins! And your Pirate Fellow looks quite gallant grappling with that grouper! :)

  2. The fish and pirate so go together….Leave it to you to discover that! Wonder what a Napoleaon doll would look like…..with a trout tucked under one arm….? Love your new inspiration…..A cuddly fish….who woulda thought?


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  4. That fish fin. As always, I love the details. And yes, my favorite is the pirate and the fish as well. I would love to see you make a postcard of the two of them out on a dock or ship’s deck, with the sea in the background. (As if you need more things to do.)

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