another forest girl

All covered with her cape-

Sneak peak of her brighter clothes underneath-

Here she is without her cape-

I played with a new way of making hair- several layers of wool.

Here is her cape, laid out. You can see her skirt and underskirt, which is made of another printed sweater of an angora/wool blend- so soft.

And here are the 2 girls together. These girls are making me very happy.

29 thoughts on “another forest girl

  1. Wow. Why would a girl want a Barbi doll when she could have one of these? Do children play with your dolls…or are they intended for grown-ups? I love to visit these pages and step into the world of your imagination. love, Beth

  2. This might have to be my very favorite of your dolls – her hair is WONDERFUL! She looks like a little wild girl, but with the most amazingly detailed clothing. You have surpassed yourself….

  3. Ooooooh!! This girl is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! I love her!! It is fascinating to see a pile of flat fabrics turn into a doll! Keep up the wonderful work and keep spamming us with all the nice pix! Blessings, Ani

  4. Mimi, You are such an inspiration and continue to surpass yourself! Wow, do these rock my world!! :)

  5. Beautiful. She reminds me of the darkest part of a foggy forest. I love her detailed bodice and her multi-shade hair.

  6. I love, love, LOVE these girls. I was just in Germany, and they make me think “Black Forest” and a great German word: “Hutzelwald”.

  7. These dolls are wonderful! I can’t decide which of the two I like better! Fantastic!

  8. These dolls are beautiful. I can see you have put in a great deal of thought when choosing the texture, colour and shapes of the textiles you have used.

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