gone fishin’

First some notes- Next Wednesday (4/14) is the next Crafty meet-up- details here. All are welcome, bring a friend.

I want to schedule the next class for June- Tiny world or Fish. Sometime between June 14 and June 28. Any interest? Ideas? Preferences?

This is my desk this morning-

I admit defeat. Sometimes you just have to back away from what you are doing and turn to something else- since curling up in bed and moping really isn’t an option in my life right now. I will probably come back to the various girls in a few days. After 2 attempts to photograph and then tweak a doll who turned out to not be finished after all, I am working on some fish.

I had something I needed to try out with some 2mm felt (that is twice as thick as standard felt).

I brought my new fish over to visit my friends next door. They both liked the blue fish. I’m rather partial to the red one myself.

Things got silly rather quickly.

14 thoughts on “gone fishin’

  1. Love both but blue is my favourite colour. But you know what? That last photo, that little kid just *totally* steals my heart with that expression — thanks for sharing. Gosh, and your desk looks like mine, right now, too.

    Take care. Wish I could visit for a class!

  2. I saw these fish in person during a visit with Mimi last Sunday, they are wonderful! And what can I say about her studio — it’s an inspiration! :)

  3. giggling about the girls with the fish – so darling they are! I especially love how you sewed the delightful details to the bodies/fins & faces on these two fish.

  4. I love your fish…but I love your desk even more.
    Makes me feel right at home as my desk looks almost
    like its twin. ;-)

  5. Hi Mimi love both of your “Fishies” Red and the Blue one!
    Love the circles on the sides too reminds me of bubbles ! perhaps from the water ? They are wonderful and looks like the kids loved them too.

  6. I’m with Carolyn on the desk thing being my favorite. My goal tomorrow is to FIND my desk underneath all my creative rubble. If only I were as productive and creative as you with my desk. Sigh.

    I like the idea about stepping away, taking a break. I just heard an interview with Ian McEwan and he said he never called “writer’s block” that name. He called it “hesitation,” as in, perhaps I need to do something different for a bit and then come back to it. I love that idea!

  7. I like your fish Mimi! I just thought I’d stop in and let you know about my new adventure. I think you are going to like it. See you Wednesday!

    xo, Louise

  8. Hi Mimi. I’d be interested in either workshop – to make up for the one I missed out on. The weekend of 6/26 isn’t good for me. Hope I can make it work this time! Lovely new dolls by the way. Truly.

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