lady in red

The same as this one but different (body pattern). And this one, but different (costume).

The hair style can be hard. This was the second version.

The hair is made from a cotton fabric that I over-dyed with dark brown. I had to over-expose this photo so you can actually see it.

I found a new photo wall- hurray! And it is not blocked by snow!

11 thoughts on “lady in red

  1. Oh Mimi!

    I *love* (love, love, love) her! I love the flowers in the urn tattoo just above her collarbone, the black flower in her skirt, the little bow between her breasts, and the very subtle lines in the fabric for her hair that so perfectly capture a curl. *Very* nice job. She’s super delightful! And I like your new photo wall. Nice contrast of texture and color to the ones in your tattoed lady. I really enjoy seeing how you place the toile, and which toile’s you choose for each doll. It’s what makes them so special.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. There is something about the delicate look of the pictures in the toile that perfectly matches the frothy skirt and her calm expression. Wonderful!!

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