31 thoughts on “snake charmer

  1. When I was 16-years-old I totally wanted a tattoo of snake wrapping around my body pretty much exactly how the snake on your snake charmer is wrapped. WTF was wrong with me? :) Amazing work, Mimi!

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  3. they just keep getting better and better… awesome work Mimi :) and congrats on seven years of blogging! An inspiration!

  4. so FUN!! love her mimi…when on earth where you go next??

    7 years?!! is it even possible? i think i’ve known you for five of them…gulp. so glad we’re friends (that’s my valentine to you!!)

  5. Oh wow! Is she trying to remember where she secreted the antidote? I’d just love to see an entire Big Top full of your performing/circus dolls. Fabulous stuff.

  6. She may be the best one yet, Mimi! Her shape, the marvelous toile, her expression and that incredible snake — all perfection!! Thanks for sharing with us all these years.

  7. Amazing. Even though I have a phobia of snakes I keep coming back to look at your new creation. Absolutely perfect.
    Could you explain a bit about your inspiration process?

    Everything about the composition of this doll and snake is genius.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. :)

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  9. Você sempre surpeende! Dá a impressão que seus bonecos vão dar uma pirueta, de repente! Que mundo fantástico, o seu!

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