11 thoughts on “tattooed girl with big bow

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  2. BRILLIANT! What a pair – we can just imagine them cussin’ and throwin’ back the beers after the show. So funny how disinterested they are to have their photos taken. Maybe they are nursing hangovers ha!

  3. They are women who have seen the world. They are at peace with themselves and each have a wicked sense of humour. Oh Mimi, if i were in their show would want to be their friends..

  4. They remind me slightly of the Golly Sisters (as in ‘The Golly Sisters Go West’) – ever seen that kids’ book?

    Would love to see the brunette’s belt up close – are those buttons?

  5. These are so incredible. You are definitely the Queen of Dollmakers everywhere!!! Thank you sew much for sharing them. How creative of you!!!

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