red-haired girl

Some of these girls have been waiting a very long time to get finished up. It is making me very happy to bring them to life.

I wouldn’t mind a cashmere dress like that- soooo soft!

It is nice to have somewhere to use those special little one-of buttons.

She was suppose to be part of the forest girl series but never made it into the group.

I’m getting tired/bored of taking photos of the dolls in my yard. Today I wandered a bit farther and photographed her in the local graveyard.

Nicole wrote up a super nice blurb about me here. Thanks Nicole! I am so happy to be part of the show.

17 thoughts on “red-haired girl

  1. I love the way you make bangs on your dolls. It makes them look a bit wild. The addition of green slits to the brown jumper really makes a fashion statement!

  2. Love her red hair and the dress is wonderful!
    Cemeteries are the best place for good photos ~ I live across the street from one, have a lovely view of it and love the serenity of the place!

  3. Such a cool hairstyle….The dress is over the top….Wow. One of my favorites to date….(how many favorites can I have?)

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