Give-away Time!

I mentioned it way back here. And it is now available here!

We Make Dolls is available! It has been more than a year since I sent in my contributions for this book- and now I have a copy in my hands. Two copies actually, so I am going to give one away. Add a comment to this post by Friday, June 1 (midnight eastern time) and I will use a random number generator to pick the winner. One entry per person and all that.

I love the promo poster-

There we all are!

Here is a video that shows all the projects-

I am going to write a separate post with my thoughts on the book. This one is getting way too long!

note- give-away is now closed.


135 thoughts on “Give-away Time!

  1. well here I go! I’d love to be a winner – but even if I’m not, I will definitely get my hands on this one way or another! ;) Congratulations on this well deserved recognition!

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  3. Looks like a nice book, too bad they only included one of the baby dolls you made, I think they look so cute side by side. :-) Be well!

  4. This is great! Good for you! It’s so nice to see more and more of these crafty publications. As a crafter, I realize that we create because we have to. OUr creativity is bursting at the seams and we need to share it and this book is such a great way to do that. Oh, and I know what you mean about not wanting to share your patterns. It’s very brave of you. I don’t think that anyone can make your dolls quite as nice as you do!

  5. Congrats! How exciting that the book is out! I love the fact that the book gives smaller versions of your patterns. I love small things.

  6. Hi Mimi! I would like to win this book! I love your dolls very much. You always inspired me!
    Thanks for share with us your creations!

  7. How beautiful and lovely. Exactly the best company to keep between the pages Mimi! Congratulations.

  8. This book looks great! Thank you for sharing your patterns and beautiful work.

  9. I don’t know if international entries are allowed but I’ll try anyway! I want this book in my bookshell! :)) Congratulations Mimi!

  10. Would love to win this new book…can hardly wait to sit down with it..for new ideas and inspirations.

  11. How did I not know about this book sooner?!!! Oh my goodness, I want it!!! Thanks for letting us know about it – and wow, how fun to be published, right?

  12. Congratulations on your book…it looks delightful. And thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  13. Mimi,
    Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful book. I love all your dolls, but that sweater baby speaks to me. I will have a new grandbaby in Nov. and would love to make one for it.

  14. It looks like a fun book. I made dolls years ago. I’d love to try some modern patterns. I’m hoping to make one of your felt dolls this summer from the free online pattern.

  15. I love your dolls and i love your blog, you are a wonderfull creativ woman.

    Thanks for the chance to win the great dollbook, but I came from Berlin/Germany, where Suse Bauer also lives, and that is soo far away from you. I´m very happy, I can read here and see your work in the web and now in a new book.


  16. You are so generous about divulging your techniques. I love your blogs and have learnt so much from them. Can’t wait to read the book!

  17. Ooh! That looks brilliant with so many wonderful doll-makers all gathered into one book! Congratulations on being a part of this super sounding book and thank you for having such a generous giveaway for it too.

  18. Looks like a fun book! I would sure love to win one! Thanks for the giveaway. (Sorry they changed your instructions a bit for the tattooed man with the spray glue – hard when someone changes your work!)

  19. Love this book and I’d love to be able to peruse it in detail.
    Connie Turner

  20. The dolls just make me smile. Would adore this new book. Thanks for sharing!!

  21. I subscribe by email so I won’t miss an entry, but there is no place to comment there and the video didn’t come through. Glad to have two excuses to check out the original posting. I saw the book on City Quilter shelves and had patient husband check to see usage rights are for personal only. Easily distracted I forgot to get, but it is now in my cart for granddaughters and if I don’t win, I will read it first!! Congratulations. So much fun to share with many people and a memory treat and milestone for yourself!

  22. fantastic! what a great book, and great dolls! i would love to have one home, it will provide inspiration to create my own invented dolls.
    congratulations for you!

  23. Mimi,
    I have read your blog and admired your work for quite some time now. Your dolls always makes me smile. They are creative and fun. Congratulations for the book!

  24. Would so love to win a copy of this! Am an old dollmaker who loves finding out how everyone else makes their dolls! Thank you for sharing.

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