Big Man with Boar Tattoo

12-12-big man - 1

This was the last fellow that I finished up before the Providence Show. In the end, he never even made it out of the storage box. That’s the way it goes.

Yes, that is a boar on his chest. With some rabbits above and a lady goddess coming out of his pants!

12-12-big man - 4

I bought a bag of mixed buttons last fall and there are lots of good ones to choose from. This button matches his early 1900’s look.

12-12-big man - 3

His hair and beard are a black and grey mix.

12-12-big man - 2

Ruins on his back-

12-12-big man - 5

12-12-big man - 6

I am working very hard to get everything into my Etsy shop. I should be done today. Also, I will be working for at least another week so if there is something you want before Christmas, I might have time to make it happen. Send me an email-

Big Man- Day of the Dead or Christmas?

This fellow got finished at the perfect time of year. This fabric is both Day of the Dead and Christmas. I should probably do some research to learn more. What I know for sure is that it is gorgeous.

10-31-tattoo man - 1 (1)

10-31-tattoo man - 2

I think my favorite image is the little skeleton angels.

10-31-tattoo man - 6

He has glittery gold rick rack on his belt. The rick rack is left-over from my days making kids costumes.

10-31-tattoo man - 4

10-31-tattoo man - 3

10-31-tattoo man - 5

Happy Halloween everybody!

Big Man in Stripes

And a cow!

7-16-man 5 - 1

Traditional toiles can be so much fun to work with. I love finding the details and making them the focal point of one of my people. We had a sofa with toile slipcovers when I was a kid. I remember my mom pointing out the scenes but all I saw was a mass of red and white. I think I was visually overwhelmed.

7-16-man 5 - 2

7-16-man 5 - 3

7-16-man 5 - 4

7-16-man 5 - 5

Nautical Big Man





The leaves have been falling like heavy snow and we have drifts on the sidewalks.


It’s that time before a show where I stop posting things into my etsy shop because I need to build up inventory. If I post something that you are interested in, send me an email or contact me on any of my other social medias and I can give you details. I’m always happy to sell of course!

summer Santa

I have been working on some ornament designs but it goes slowly and gets frustrating and I just want to finish something! But, I have bins with sewn up but not finished inventory so this fellow got finished with a satisfied sigh from me.

7-11-summersanta - 1

7-11-summersanta - 1 (1)

7-11-summersanta - 1 (2)

Here is a detail where you can see his belt. I embroidered on top of the rick rack and added an embroidered white dot on the belt tape.

7-11-summersanta - 1 (3)

7-11-summersanta - 1 (4)