man with horse tattoo

I am behind in posting all the dolls that ended up in Brooklyn with me. I am posting this fellow today and I will post about the NY trip soon. I am working on getting all the new dolls (that didn’t sell) into my Etsy shop but it will probably be a trickle all week. I got back home last night and my to-do list is enormous.

I finished this doll in the hotel on Friday. He was mostly done and I couldn’t bear to leave him behind.

And here he is, hanging up in the booth-

big man with beard

and chandelier. I love that chandelier.

He is totally bald. I am loving the applied ears. They are fiddly but I really like how they look.

Vintage button, embroidered belt-

Shoe laces-

and his back with cherubs.

And then we got silly. Exercise time! And a one-

And a two-

And a three!