forest sprite

This doll is what I’d imagined for my autumn color inspired girls. She has finally showed up!

She also has felted wool roving dreadlocks. They look completely different from the ones on Flower child. I used different kinds of wool- not on purpose. I have a bag of mixed colors of roving and there was a small ball of black- I think merino wool. I divided up the wool into “snakes” and ran them through the washing machine. They came out looking like slugs. Not what I was expecting, but I love them.

flower child

this doll was very hard to photograph- so much dark.

This back view photograph is my favorite- the colors look right to me-

And I liked this top view and how she looked with her skirt all spread out.

Her body is made out of a beautiful woven wool fabric from a thrifted mans’ shirt. And flowers and more flowers!

Her dreadlocks are made by running ropes of wool roving through the washing machine.