one more tattooed lady

My big show is over but I never finished posting all the dolls!






The show was fantastic- I finished up last night feeling excited and energized and it’s been a long while since that has been the case. Hurray! Also, the tattooed people did not sell so I have lots available if you are interested in getting one. I will be posting them on to etsy as soon as I can but I have such a backlog of work in all the rest of my life (hello laundry!) that it might be a few days. I thought I’d try something different. I am going to post groups to Instagram and people can message me through the various sites (instagram, facebook, twitter) or email me – It’ll be an experiment.

reminder of some things coming up

This weekend, THIS is happening!


If you are in the Boston area this weekend, it would be amazing if you could stop by! And the other event, coming up soon- Dec. 2, 3, and 4-


CraftBoston Holiday! I’m making myself a bit crazy about this one. It is a kind of show that I’ve never done before, and I need a whole new booth set-up (fancy, that is). Yep, stressed. If you go here, there is a way to get $3 off the entry ticket. And of course I am working to produce the most inventory that I can. It’s all a test because no matter what, ya never get it all figured out and ya just keep trying something new. And, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!