Lady in Bird Dress

6-22-big lady 4 - 1

The green woven background fabric makes for camouflage for the birds. I love playing with the colors and patterns, some pop and some blend. Always interesting. This lady argued with me about her first dress and I had to remove most of the design!

6-22-big lady 4 - 2

6-22-big lady 4 - 3

6-22-big lady 4 - 4

6-22-big lady 4 - 5

That’s the ladies for now. Next up, owls.

Lady in a Red Dress

6-21-big lady 3 - 1

In case you haven’t noticed, I am trying out designs that I’ve used on my swaddled babies on these new big ladies. It is interesting to see which designs work and which have not worked at all (you won’t be seeing those!). I love the folk art-y designs and they seem to be highly adaptable.

6-21-big lady 3 - 2

6-21-big lady 3 - 3

6-21-big lady 3 - 4

6-21-big lady 3 - 5

Big Lady with Poppies

6-19-big lady 1 - 1

I’m not sure why I am struggling so much with these ladies. The seam ripper has been getting a good workout. It is probably just because it has been so long since I’ve worked with this design. I was just about to cut everything off of this one but then I changed her collar and Voila! I was happy with her!

6-19-big lady 1 - 2

6-19-big lady 1 - 4

6-19-big lady 1 - 3

6-19-big lady 1 - 5

A Big Mermaid Lady

6-18-mermaid - 5

I have been meaning to get back to making big ladies (that link is from 2006!) for a long while but something else always seems to be ahead in line. Finallythey are back on the worktable after some pattern tweeking. But then this lady/mermaid needed to get made and she pushed ahead!

6-18-mermaid - 2

6-18-mermaid - 3

6-18-mermaid - 4

6-18-mermaid - 1

I will definitely be playing with this idea again- I love her! After her though, I’ve got some regular ladies that I am working on. The last time I really made any was around 2010  so yes, it’s been a while. I don’t know why I stopped after making these lovelies.

Kitty with a briefcase

6-6-kitty 8 - 1

He has a fancy ikat jacket and here is the briefcase-

6-6-kitty 8 - 3

6-6-kitty 8 - 2

6-6-kitty 8 - 4

6-6-kitty 8 - 6

6-6-kitty 8 - 5

A note on my online shop- I won’t be adding much to my Etsy shop for a while. I’ve got another show in August and my inventory is at an all-time low after the Smithsonian Craft Show. But, if you are interested in buying something that I post, contact me. I will let you know the price and any other details. I can send an invoice either through Papal or Square. My email is