a few things finished

I’m working on the patterns and I am making slow progress. As I work, dolls get made. Here are the babies, so far. Two Basic babies, a folk art baby and a bird baby-

And a dog. I made this one and did all the photos for the pattern but realized that there wasn’t enough contrast to show the techniques so now I have another on going.

Back to work now!

swaddled baby- night

When I change direction and am trying to get in the groove- from girl dolls which are about the clothes, to baby dolls which are about applique and surface decoration- I find it useful to step back and start with a design I have explored before. That gets me thinking and going in the new direction but hopefully not getting overwhelmed or lost.

I love the night babies so I start there. Here are some earlier ones

This doll was amazingly hard to photograph. If I wanted to show the details on the body, the face got washed out. Face right? Body ended up too dark. So I mixed them up to give a good idea.