doll make-over

I’ve done it again. I went back and redid the face on a doll I had previously declared finished. I couldn’t help it. She was haunting me.

Presenting the new Red-headed girl-

First I changed the mouth and I thought I was done. Hmm. Nope. Then I trimmed her bangs. Much better. Done? No, still not right. Okay, new eyes. Now I’m happy. And she is happy too!

So much better!

Here is a link to the original “finished” doll. I’ve deleted some of the photos, on the blog and on Flickr.

new doll and temporary photo solution

One good thing about having a camera that has the option to take huge photos- I took all of these photos on one side of the frame and cropped out the spot! Next, I might have to try Photoshop. On Monday, I will call Canon and get advise.

She is my Garden Girl-



I gave her pigtails. I’ve been wanting to figure out a way to make them and I am pleased with her hair.


a detail of the flowers and her shoe bows-


and in the garden.


update 9/21/09- I redid her face and changed the photos.

girl in red

Summer weather has finally arrived. It is hot and humid here- which can make getting inspired to work on wool dolls a bit of a challenge. Everyone looks hot to me today. I am trying to think back-to-school fashion thoughts.

My girl in red-



With a green shrug, because that is my favorite color combo. And, she has a felt shoulder bag.

Here she is with her stuff.



I finished her up this morning and have spent the afternoon putting faces on the rest of the partially finished dolls that have been lolling around on my desk.

My work motto- uninspired? Just do something.

Having the faces on them will really help me figure out who they are.

update- 9/20- I redid her mouth and updated all the photos.

little red riding hood 3

firstly, woohoo! Small Magazine! I’m here with some fantastic company!

And now, Red Riding Hood 3. This is the last one.

I’m not sure why, but my camera loves grass. If I take a photo with grass in it, all the other colors are perfect!

She has a little bit of over-dyed knitted lace for a collar.  And some sweet embroidery at her waist.

Here she is with her hood up-

When I look at her face, I think- no wolf is going to get the better of her!

I’ve had some people suggest that I make a wolf- probably not going to happen… but I did think about it. And do some sketches.

Little Red Riding Hood

Be a little bit afraid-

She has a cashmere hooded cape, a wool dress with vintage ribbon trim and a cream wool felt collar.

Her basket is wool felt. The dress is made from the sleeves of a sweater.

The basket attaches to the wrist with a hook and eye.

There are a few different photos at Flickr.

I’ve got 2 more Red Riding Hoods to do. They are cut out, stuffed and ready for their handwork.

girls in progress

Have I mentioned that I have an intern working for me now? She is helping me cut and stuff. And, knowing that she is going to be with me for an afternoon gets me organized. We are working on girls. And I went a bit nuts… I just got so excited about all the ideas in my head and the colors in my shelves- I now have 15 dolls in progress- Yikes! And there is still a few more in my head… but I am ignoring them until I get some of these done.

Right now, they are in many stages- from all sewed together, with face and hair (just need to do the dress and all those little extras) to cut out in a pile.

After they are cut out, I put the pieces for each doll into an individual ziplock bag. I also put any other fabric I am planning on using for that doll into the bag. As I sew the parts and stuff them, they stay together in their bags until the doll is all together and ready to be dressed. At that point, I like to look at them sitting around the studio. In the photo below, you can see one doll that is mostly finished and then all the plastic bags.

Hopefully I will have some finished girls to show you soon.

future librarian

I thought she was another nerdy girl when I was making her, but she looks just a little too well put together and confident. I know she will be an amazing librarian when she grows up!

She has a cashmere beret and very dark green scarf, a red wool plaid jacket and a herringbone skirt. Her sweater is a rusty orange. All very fall colors, I know. I guess I need to start thinking spring.

Here she is with all her stuff. I like photographing the dolls this way- it makes me think of paperdolls.

While I was working on her bookbag, I was imagining what books would be in it. If she were me as a girl, it would be The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Five Children and It, and anything else that had English children as main characters. My sister would have had Little Women, Black Beauty and anything else to do with horses.