Windy Day Lady and Blog-iversary

My blog is 15 years old today. How crazy is that! We’ve come a LONG way together.

Here is my windy day Lady pillow doll.

2-13-lady 2 - 1

She is reminiscent of this lady that I made so many years ago (April 2010!). Also, my tiny world pincushions. Someone messaged me an amazing photo of a chair with appliqued town imagery and I’d link to it but I couldn’t find any artist attribution so that doesn’t feel right. Anyway.

edited- I found it! Cityscape chairs.

She has her cashmere hat and scarf for this blustery day.

2-13-lady 2 - 2

Details of the houses-

2-13-lady 2 - 4

2-13-lady 2 - 5

2-13-lady 2 - 3

2-13-lady 2 - 1 (1)

And here is one more photo from when I was working on her. You can see that I tried out some other ideas that didn’t make it into the finished piece. I was planning trees and blowing leaves but changed to chimneys and smoke.

2-13-lady 2 - 1 (2)

tiki 2

I have never figured out how to successfully photograph red-on-red. These photos all show this tiki with a much more orange tone than he is in life. The main red background color is a dark red- not at all a Coke red.

tiki time

It has been a long while and I’m back in the mood for tikis. I think I made the last one in January 2008.

I am thinking that I will make the tiki pattern this summer. I’ve tried 3 different faces- I will have to decide which one I like best.

It is fun to be working on wool applique after making all the little fox clothes. Mixing it up keeps it all fun for me.

A view from the top-

And the garden is reaching explosion level! I love poppies-

and the allium-

Both the poppies and the allium have self-seeded into all kinds of wonderful places around the garden. And this is just the beginning of the season!

bird lady in blue

Remember this lady? She was one of my favorite dolls of last year. Around Christmas time, I cut out all the pieces for this new lady, stuffed her, pinned on the birds and started doing the applique. Then, I put her aside. And there she lay for these last months. Finally, last weekend, with a vow to finish up some of the many partially finished dolls that I seem to be stockpiling, I got back to work on her.

The funny thing is that I would never have chosen these colors to work with at this time of year. She is most certainly a winter palette.

And this is what is on the work table now-

Hmm, which ones are boys and which ones are girls?

bird baby 2011

I told you I’d be back to these!

I have several that I’d started back in November and I had to put them aside. Slowly I am hoping to finish them.

Mostly though, I am working on the owl pattern. Have I mentioned how hard it is for me? Whine, whine, whine!! When the pattern is finished I will have a big pile (family?) of finished owls. That’s a good thing anyway.

Now I need to go back to my book about how to use Photoshop and my other book about how to use InDesign. Maybe I’d remember how to do this stuff if I did it more often, ya think?

bird baby 6

I am very much not finished playing with this bird puzzle design. I  have 3 more designed and waiting. Plus a lady doll with a similar motif. But, with the South End Holiday Market next weekend, I need to put those aside and finish up some other projects. So, I am pulling out a lot of partially finished items and getting them ready to go. Be prepared to be inundated with posts in the next few days!

Then, I will do a BIG update to my etsy shop next Monday.