Friday and Saturday

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law visited on Friday. They had a beautiful weekend to be in New England for a whirlwind visit.

Walk photos-

And on Saturday was the Tiny World class. It was wonderful. There were 6 plus me, sitting around my table.

As always, it was so much fun to see the different directions that people go in. Here are photos from the end of the class- no one finished, but they were close.

If I get better photos, I’ll post them.

autumn girl

My political word- just once every four years. I am Very, Very Happy today!

Finally- I finished a doll to post!

People ask me how much I plan out my projects beforehand. The answer is not much. Here is a classic scenario. My original idea was to make a group of autumn-color forest-impish girl dolls. The first one to take her own road was the flower girl. I made another girl with dreadlocks and made this dress for her. It looked completely wrong. So, I decided to finish up a few more girls and then I’d figure out if the dress would look better on someone else. So now, instead of a forest imp, I’ve got what looks to me like a little Irish girl who would love to be trying out some step dancing.

this photo is a little light but shows the details well.

top view-

and a back view-

cashmere hair-