Paper Patterns

It’s been a long time coming but I finally have paper patterns listed in my Etsy shop.

These are the 5 that are available for me to mail to you.

Friend Kitty Doll

Tiny World Pincushion

Swaddled Baby Doll

Fresh Fish Pillow Doll

Night Friend Owl Pillow Doll

I am happy to do wholesale orders and group orders for anything over 10 patterns. Email me or send me a message through my etsy shop or various social medias.

And photos from Today

As you will see, it is still very much a work in progress. The photos are not great because it was a very wet and dark day today.

I have been bringing plants over whenever the temperatures are moderate. I was/am worried about moving them in Chicago winter when the apartment is finally ready. I got rid of the regular size fridge and got a little one.

The kitchen area- I took off the doors of the upper cabinets and will use the shelves as display space. The unit has 10 ft ceilings so I was never going to use them for storage.

I am still unpacking boxes and trying to find places for everything. Yesterday I put up the track and bracket shelves- more room for all my treasures! Mid-photo is my sewing machine, ready to get back to work. Actually, I already made myself 2 smock tops last week. It was sort of a clothing emergency!

You can see that I’ve got a table set up in the middle of the room- our former dining room table. And to the left of that is my flat file where I store my felt and buttons.

And here you can see into the former “sleeping nook” (that’s how it was described in the listing). My IKEA unit is mostly filled up, no surprise!

There will be a lot of rearranging in the next year or so as I settle into the space but it already feels like my place. It is making me so happy.

Studio Makeover

Some photos of the studio transformation.

All the orange is gone and the trim needs to be painted. I scheduled the movers for 10 days after the closing and Thanksgiving was in the middle of that, so the schedule was very tight.

I will admit that the trim only got painted where I knew I was putting things… The rest is still on the to-do list.

This was halfway through the load in. The movers completely covered the rug with my stuff.

And then I went to IKEA and spent some $. Perfect fit!

And here is the big day when I brought my sewing machine to her new home :-)

Here is a short video of the mess.

An Update now that it is a New Year!

Happy 2024! Wow, I haven’t been here in a long time. Lots of things happening.

The best thing is that I got a studio in the same building as our apartment which someday, hopefully, we will be moving into 😂 Here is a video of the studio space from when I first first got it in mid-November.

It doesn’t look anything like that now! I will catch up in the next week. I’ve got to get myself back in the habit.

Here is a photo of the de-orange-ifying!

Big Man in a Swimsuit

An old-fashioned swimsuit and classical toile.

Such a handsome fellow!

Lots and lots of fantastic toile imagery.

A close-up of his hair- black with a bit of grey.

No work today- I got my Covid booster and flu shot and they always knock me down. Today has been a resting day.

What A Week!

The last week has been very exciting. I haven’t sat down at my desk until today!

We closed on our soon-to-be new home:

That’s the lobby :-) Our kids all had to come see. We had a little celebrating:

We sat out in the garden and admired the view. Yep, that is where we will be!

Now it is figuring out contractors, doing paperwork, picking colors, etc., etc., etc. There will be loads of mirrors to remove and floors to uncover. But, we are so excited! Putting our lives back together has begun!