Man with Red Pants

I went out to Chicago to visit the kids and now I’m back to work. All this fabric isn’t going to sew itself!

I love this very weird toile that I believe was from a Williamsburg collection that has George Washington as a Greek god (or something?!).

He’s got a vintage metal button on his belt.

A special order

I was asked if I could make a tiny world in a special cup. I am happy to do that! The cup was mailed to me and I put it aside until after my show in March. (The saucer was left behind but hopefully they will be reunited soon.) It was the first thing on my to-do list after I got back to work.

Of course once I got out all the tools, supplies, and materials, I wasn’t going to make just one. So stay tuned for a few more tiny worlds, coming soon!

Cat Lady Pillow Doll

This is the last piece I finished up before the show and never got around to posting. Now I am on the other side of all the craziness and I am working on catching up! I will be posting lots of things into my esty shop in the next few days including this lovely lady.

She has fancy hair!

Some of these kitties are inspired by our new adoptees-

Winifred is the tiger and white up in the right hand corner. Jasper is the black one, playing with the yarn.