night garden lady

This doll is of the night garden-

Use your imagination though- no photographing with dark backgrounds… The dark colors are hard enough to show!

I think her upper torso tree, leaf applique looks like a shawl or stole.

Back view- because I am always curious about the back of everything-

2 ladies-

On the steps where the colors are often better-

Now I have finished the lady dolls that had been in limbo since last November- so forlorn. Onto the next thing!

visit with Salley

Salley Mavor came over for a visit today. She was in town to meet with her publisher. She is working on a book of nursery rhymes. She brought some of the pages to show me. They take your breath away with their details and craftsmanship. I took some photos-

this is a detail shot of the chair that the girl is sitting on-

do you see the embroidered detail on the shirt above? Amazing!

I love the bees in this one-

Stone wall of felt and beads. The gate has hooks and eyes for hardware-

And that rat! I love him!

This is what I’ve been working on-

I will post better photos onto the blog and list them on etsy once I get some decent photos.

tropical lady and some linkage

I am working on some ladies-

I’ve put 6 together- the cutting and sewing phase. Or maybe I should call it the inside-out phase- all the parts of making them that I do before I turn them right-side-out. Hmm, I like that!  They will trickle out as I figure out who they are.

One done-

She is a tropical lady.

Hopefully, this one is next-

Did you see the enormous and beautiful mushroom that my son found in our neighborhood?

I found this interview of Sharon Schamber on Craft Sanity completely absorbing. The way she talked about creativity and ideas truely resonated with me. I love podcast interviews with artists where they talk about how they work, how they think, when and where they get their ideas. I end up participating in the conversation in my head! It helps me think about and make words for what I do too.

a little rework

okay, I went back and fixed the tails of the luna moth on the first baby

Here is the fix I did-

Now the tails are thinner and hopefully more graceful. The new official baby picture-

And this one because I like it-

And now for some garden photos. The sunflowers are starting to open. The bees love them!

And this was what I was hoping for when I planted the tomatoes, 2 months ago-so exciting!

giveaway and internship

Everything I am working on needs blue lately. I did a morning of dyeing when the weather was truely miserable, one day last week.

My birthday is coming up at the end of the week- Saturday. So…. I had so much fun last year, I decided to do another birthday giveaway. Just leave me a Happy Birthday on any of the posts between now and Saturday and you are entered. I am not going to make it hard for anybody.

I made this needlebook for the prize-

Actually, I turned a piece of applique that I’d already done into a needlebook. I might find some other prizes before Saturday. If I do, I’ll post them.

Another bit of business- I am looking for an intern if there is anybody in the Boston area who might be interested. I have contacted MassArt, but figured I mention it here too. Email me if you are interested- mimik(at)pobox(dot)com.

luna moth baby 2

Another baby with Luna Moth.

2 luna moths. Yesterday morning I posted the other baby. Later in the day I was finishing up the second doll. I wanted to take another look at the photo of the moth that I’d linked to. It is funny how a few hours and photos (instead of what is right in front of my face) can help me to see better. On second look, I wasn’t happy with the way the moth looked. I went back to the studio, picked out the stitching around the moth “tails” and redid it. I am going to do something similar for the first baby too.

When I post photos to my blog and flickr, I am declaring the piece finished. It feels very odd to go back and rework something. Too funny.

Anyway. Here are 2 sweet babies-

I spend a lot of time setting up photos and taking tons, most of which get deleted or are clogging up my iphoto. Here is a reality shot of the dolls around the house- sitting next to me as I type on my laptop.