man with horse tattoo

I am behind in posting all the dolls that ended up in Brooklyn with me. I am posting this fellow today and I will post about the NY trip soon. I am working on getting all the new dolls (that didn’t sell) into my Etsy shop but it will probably be a trickle all week. I got back home last night and my to-do list is enormous.

I finished this doll in the hotel on Friday. He was mostly done and I couldn’t bear to leave him behind.

And here he is, hanging up in the booth-

lady in red

The same as this one but different (body pattern). And this one, but different (costume).

The hair style can be hard. This was the second version.

The hair is made from a cotton fabric that I over-dyed with dark brown. I had to over-expose this photo so you can actually see it.

I found a new photo wall- hurray! And it is not blocked by snow!

process- part 2

Once the doll is stuffed, most of the rest is hand stitching. Breasts sewed on with a ladder stitch.

The face is sketched on with water-soluble marker.

Figure out what kind of hair-do she needs and then draw up a pattern. I always draw a pattern because if I love how it comes out, I want to remember how I did it!

Pin the hair in place and stuff.


Stitch the face.

Hah- That makes it sound so easy! I often cut the embroidered faces off several times before I am satisfied.

Stuff the arms and stitch the fingers.

Arm to shoulder.

Hmm. She needs a belt. Pull out a variety of trims and hope I have the exact right color.

A strip of vintage cotton bias tape-

A length of vintage cotton rick rack.

And a button.

Spritz all the blue lines, let her dry and she is done!

Thanks for all the comments so far- I’m glad everyone is enjoying seeing how I put these together. Tomorrow I hope to take her “beauty” shots. It was too wet outside today for a photo shoot.